Fast and Budget-Friendly Way to Hire a Helper 2023

16th November 2023

Sure, there are plenty of ways to go about hiring a maid in Singapore but if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly route (because who isn’t?), we’ve got the scoop on the most cost-effective way to bring some domestic helpers into your life to ease your workload!

The most budget-friendly way to hire a helper in 2023 is to hire a transfer maid. The advantage is that they are already in Singapore therefore you’ll enjoy a faster hiring process and reduced costs compared to hiring in a fresh maid from overseas.

Why is there a reduced cost?

No Airfare and Travel Expenses

  • When you hire a transfer maid who is already in Singapore, you eliminate the need to cover the costs of airfare, travel insurance, and other expenses associated with bringing a new domestic helper from overseas. This can potentially save you SGD 1,000 easily

Lower Administrative Costs

  • The administrative costs associated with work permits, medical examinations, and other documentation are often lower for transfer maids, as some of these requirements may already be in place since they are already physically in Singapore!

No Placement Fees

  • Transfer maids also typically don’t incur placement fees, which are common when recruiting new domestic helpers from their home countries

Comparing to new hires who may need to go through additional processing and documentation, opting for transfer maids greatly reduces the waiting time to hire help for your household since they are mostly ready to start work as immediate as possible!

So if you are in need of an urgent deployment to your household. Transfer maids will be the most efficient and cost saving method available you can consider!

Since transfer maids are already working in Singapore, you have the opportunity to obtain references and feedback from their current agency, providing greater confidence in your hiring decision.