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Direct Hire & Paperwork

Have a direct candidate you wish to hire for your household?

Service Description

Flat agency fees for Direct Hire @ $1500 NETT

At A1, we offer the flexibility to hire direct from your own network of helpers.. Looking to secure selected helper’s employment with your household? We are here to help. Together with our competitive agency rates – being one of the lowest in market, Direct Maid Hire might just be the perfect solution for employers who have already cultivated and estabilshed a positive working relationship with their chosen helpers, to be willing to continue this work partnership!

With prices starting from lowest at $2,787, which includes all miscellaneous charges required to meet employment eligibility criteria, we are ready to provide you with immediate assistance.

What are miscellaneous charges?

As we charge a low flat rate agency fee for direct hire @ $1500, Where does the rest of the charges go to? The majority of the additional costs incurred are directed towards external vendors who facilitate the seamless employment process for your hired helper. These costs encompass essential components such as Work Permit Application Fees and Issuance, Medical Check-Ups, MOM Settling in Program, Airfare, Embassy Documentation Fees, and Serology Tests and are non refundable

Do not have a candidate yet? Let us help you!

Have yet to shortlist any suitable candidates from your own network? Fret not, browse through our extensive pool of helpers and use our filter system to conveniently shortlist some for your consideration! Speak to us over WhatsApp if you have any questions.

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