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Maid Insurance & Permit Renewal

Looking to renew your Maid’s Insurance or Employment?

Service Description

When considering to renew employment contract with your helper. It is also mandatory for Domestic Employers to fulfil prerequisite such as obtaining Maid Insurances, arranging for medical check-ups (if required) or any relevant processes required by Ministry of Manpower to facilitate this renewal.

Renew your maid’s contract with confidence. Leave the hassle application and documentation to us! We have streamlined the renewal process for our clients, to ensure efficiency. Complete the online form  and we will get back to you within 2-3 working days.

Renew Your Maid’s Insurance Here

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or A 100% Agency-Fee Refund

We aim to provide the best for your household needs and hope you find the assistance you are looking for. This serves as a safety guarantee for employers seeking complete satisfaction in their maid hiring process.